Flocculants & Polymers

About Us

Baltic Floc Estonia OÜ, a company founded in cooperation with Estonian and Nordic business partners, specializes in the wholesale of sludge treatment chemicals. We focus on marketing flocculants, including Zetag and Magnafloc series products, in the Estonian market.

BASF Chemical Company is a polymer manufacturer that is a dedicated and leading global producer of water treatment chemicals. Their goal is to provide high-quality and high-performance products. Their investments and commitments to new technologies are significant. In cooperation with Baltic Floc, we are able to meet the needs of even the most demanding customers.


Over the course of our operations, we have achieved a stable and sustainable market share and supply polymers to many municipal and industrial companies. Our warehouse is located in Tallinn, where we maintain a constant stock of all polymers we sell. Our good cooperation with transport companies ensures that deliveries are made to customers within 2-3 working days after the order is placed.

Our main partners in Estonia are municipal enterprises, complemented by food processing industries and manufacturing industries.

Baltic Floc has proven to be a reliable partner – our team's experience and knowledge, combined with a professional approach, are highly valued in the market. We work closely with various equipment suppliers and are involved in many new plant/equipment start-ups.

We have set the goal of valuing our customers – we help find suitable solutions to problems related to product use, identify customer needs and set goals. We offer additional knowledge on product use – we have conducted training, consulted on new projects and helped to map out the optimal limits of water treatment processes for plants.

Raw Materials and Quality

We specialize in products that include a variety of chemicals and additives that are needed in industrial processes. In addition, we also focus on wastewater treatment chemicals that help industrial and municipal companies to clean their wastewater / effluent.

Supply of raw materials for organic production::
We offer the raw materials needed for organic / organic production companies. This includes MTC oils, organic fertilizers, soil improvers, biopesticides and other materials important for organic agriculture and production.

Providing quality and certified products:We offer quality and certified chemicals and raw materials that meet industry standards and environmental requirements. This is important for customers who must comply with strict regulations and quality standards.

Customer-oriented approach:
Good reputation companies operating in this field are often customer-oriented. They offer customized solutions according to customer needs and also technical support and consulting services on the proper use and handling of chemicals.


Environment & Technology

Since wastewater treatment and organic production also involve environmental issues to a significant extent, we emphasize our sustainability. This includes offering environmentally friendly products, reducing waste, and promoting environmental awareness among customers.

Technology and innovation: Companies in this field are leaders in technology and innovation, offering new and efficient solutions in the field of industrial chemicals and wastewater treatment chemicals, as well as in the supply of raw materials for organic production.

International operations: Our company operates internationally, delivering our products directly from factories and partners across Europe, with extensive experience and knowledge in this field.

In conclusion,we can say that we are specialized in the supply of industrial chemicals, wastewater treatment chemicals, and raw materials for organic production, and we focus on quality, sustainability, and a customer-oriented approach.

Quality products for demanding customers