Water Solutions

Helping our customers to manage their water resources more efficiently is central to BASF’s business

Increasingly stringent environmental standards for water and wastewater treatment are being introduced in many countries. This is putting growing pressure on the existing facilities that are used to treat potable water and process water, industrial effluent, sewage and the resultant sludge.

BASF provides advice, technical expertise and improved techniques to help its customers in the industrial and municipal sectors meet their commitments and ensure reliable process operation.

BASF supplies flocculants, coagulants, antiscalents, corrosion inhibitors, biocides, algicides and defoamers and also designs and supplies equipment for product preparation and dosing.

BASF is committed to leadership in technological innovation that will increase the efficiency of industrial processes, maintain high standards of pollution control and protect its customers’ investment in the water circuit.


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