Water Purification

The reverse osmosis process is used to purify water by membrane filtration and is commonly employed in the sectors served by BASF, such as paper, food, steel, industrial chemicals, pharmaceuticals, automotive and petrochemicals industries.

Scaling and bio-fouling of the membrane can cause expensive downtime or costly repairs. We supply physical and chemical solutions that maintain a high permeate flow without risk to the membrane.

The products in our IRGATREAT® range prevent scaling and bio-fouling and ensure the continued efficient operation of reverse osmosis units. The IRGATREAT® product range consists of cost effective and membrane-friendly antiscalents, biocides and cleaning and dispersing products.

To support our customers, we offer a complete problem-solving service for water purification. This service covers everything from consultancy and the analysis of  customers' specific requirements through to performing trials and supplying the appropriate products.


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