Solid-Liquid Separation

Solid-Liquid Separation

The treatment of the raw water is a critical stage in the production of potable water and water for use in industrial processes.

The products supplied by BASF help to enhance the efficiency of processes such as sedimentation, flotation, thickening and dewatering, in which the treated raw water is clarified for subsequent use.

The products in the MAGNAFLOC® LT range of organic coagulants and high molecular weight flocculants have been specifically developed for treating drinking water.

These products are employed in the treatment of drinking water and in the dewatering of waterworks sludge. They can be used to replace inorganic coagulants, either partially or totally. They have been approved by the national environmental protection agencies in the USA and Europe.

The MAGNASOL® products consist of inorganic coagulants and blends of inorganic and synthetic organic coagulants. They are used in precipitation and coagulation processes in the treatment of raw water.

Computer-assisted dosage control systems were introduced in response to the increasing complexity of  treatment processes. These systems are marketed under the well-known trade names POLYKON®, for use with plate-and-frame filter presses, and ALCOTECH® for use with belt filter presses and centrifuges. They offer customers the benefits of automated control, optimum chemical consumption, improved process reliabilityand reduced costs.

Complete systems such as JETWET® and POLYMETER®  are available for handling, preparing and dosing ZETAG®, MAGNAFLOC® and MAGNASOL® products.



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